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​MCOIN - MILLENNIUM CONCERT INTERNATIONAL is a privately held company linked to the live entertainment industry in North and South America. ERW and its team of professionals are pioneers in the market and work with live entertainment in a diversified and vertical way, operating in diversified markets and market sectors, both in Brazil and in the United States.

The Company is able to offer a wide range of new artistic and cultural content, including, but not limited to, some sports content, taking advantage of its relationship with agents, agencies, content producers, as well as large global content agencies.

MCOIN - MILLENNIUM CONCERT INTERNATIONAL, operates vertically, promotes shows, and is involved in all aspects related to the production of live entertainment, including projects for the construction of mega music festivals, operation of shows, box office, food marketing , beverages and/or promotional products (merchandising) and the negotiation of sponsorships. In this way, with an integrated business model, MCOIN intends to obtain variety of income with different activities related to its area of operation.

Therefore, with the expansion of the Company to 7 more countries, the search for ERW leadership in the live entertainment sector in Brazil, Europe, Asia, the Company has access to all the largest international providers of high quality content that favors the relationship with sponsors and secures the interest of the general public. These factors contribute to the negotiation of medium and long-term contracts and the negotiation of favorable conditions for the payment of concerts of international music icons.

The Company took a very important step in its acquisitions, acquiring a farm with more than 300 hectares of land where it will build the largest entertainment arena in Latin America, making it no longer dependent on rented physical spaces, in addition to holding any dates for of proprietary projects, and will in the future be holding numerous seasonal concerts annually. Furthermore, the 5 main arenas may be sponsored through the sale of "naming rights" which will increase the Company's revenues.