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In accordance with MCOIN's Disclosure Policy, future communication of Relevant Information to the Financial Supervisory Body and Market Entities must be made immediately by means of a written document, describing in detail, clearly and precisely and in language accessible to the public. investor, the acts and/or facts that occurred, indicating, whenever possible, the amounts involved and others clarified.

The Relevant Information must be disclosed to the public through (i) publications on the pages or news portals of the https://www.prnewswire.com/ platform on the world wide web, and (ii) the availability of the respective information at the address www.erwconcert.com, in a content at least identical to that sent to the Supervisory Board and the Stock Exchanges.​


MCOIN's Disclosure Policy establishes the responsibilities of the Company's Investor Relations Officer:​

- Disclose and communicate in writing to the Financial Inspection Body or to the stock exchanges, immediately after becoming aware, of any material act or fact that has occurred or is related to the Company's business that is considered to be Relevant Information;​

- Ensure the wide and immediate dissemination of the Relevant Information simultaneously in the Financial Inspection Body or in the stock exchanges and in all markets in which the Company has securities admitted to trading, as well as to the investing public in general; and​


- Supervise eventual leaks of information in the media and/or atypical oscillations related to the trading of the company's securities.​

Whenever Relevant Information is disclosed by any means of communication, including information to the press or at meetings of class entities, investors, analysts or with a selected public, in the country or abroad, the Relevant Information must be disclosed simultaneously to the Supervisory Body and, if applicable, to stock exchanges and the investing public in general.​


Any Related Person who has knowledge of acts or facts that may constitute Material Information must immediately communicate them, in writing, to the Company's Investor Relations Officer.​

The Disclosure Policy of MCOIN - MILLENNIUM CONCERT INTERNATIONAL establishes the Company as a Related Person, such as: the direct and indirect controlling shareholders of the Company, Officers, members of the Board of Directors, the Fiscal Council, when installed, and any other bodies with technical or advisory functions created by statutory provision, managers and employees, controlling companies and/or companies under common control and their respective controlling shareholders, members of the administration and bodies with technical or advisory functions, service providers and other professionals who have expressly adhered to the MCOIN's Disclosure Policy and are obliged to comply with the rules described therein. Or, even, any person who, under the terms of the Financial Inspection Body, even not having adhered to the MCOIN Disclosure Policy, has knowledge of the information related to the material act or fact, by virtue of their position, function or position held at MCOIN , its controlling shareholders, subsidiaries or affiliates.


MCOIN's Disclosure Policy also provides that Relevant Information may, exceptionally, not be disclosed if its disclosure could jeopardize the Company's legitimate interest. MCOIN may submit to the Financial Inspection Body the decision of the Company to keep the relevant information confidential. In any case, in such exceptional cases of non-disclosure, if an atypical fluctuation is found in the quotation, price or trading volume of securities issued by the Company or, even, in the event that the information escapes control, the shareholders or managers of the Company shall, directly or through the Investor Relations Officer of MCOIN, immediately disclose the material act or fact to the Financial Inspection Body or stock exchanges and to the general public.

The manager responsible for implementing, maintaining, evaluating and monitoring the Disclosure Policy is the Company's Investor Relations Officer.

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